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FFSA briefing of 19 December 2023

Press release Authority 19.12.2023 12.13

Jaakko Weuro appointed as FFSA Director General

Press release Authority 14.12.2023 15.06

SRB publishes its first report on LSIs

Press release 6.10.2023 14.51

SRB Chair Laboureix visits Finland

Press release 4.9.2023 12.03

FFSA briefing of 14 June 2023

Press release Authority 14.6.2023 13.59

FFSA's sustainability report 2022 is published

Press release Authority 14.3.2023 10.36

FFSA briefing of 7 December 2022

Press release 7.12.2022 15.52

Tuija Taos appointed Board member of the SRB

Press release Authority 28.11.2022 9.46

FFSA briefing of 10 May 2022

Press release Event 10.5.2022 11.41

SRB and a consultation on stability contributions

Press release Contributions 4.3.2022 14.37

Financial Stability Authority – overview 2021

Press release Authority 22.12.2021 13.53

RVV briefing of 9 December 2021

Press release 9.12.2021 11.27

EBA issued revised testing guidelines for deposit guarantee

Press release Deposit guarantee 23.9.2021 9.34

SRB guidance on redemption of MREL instruments

Press release Bank resolution 17.9.2021 11.05

New MREL monitoring reporting process to start from 30 June

Press release MREL Reporting 2.7.2021 11.17

SRB publishes guidelines on reporting certain debt agreements

Press release Bank resolution 28.6.2021 12.01

SRB’s updated MREL policy published

Press release MREL 28.5.2021 14.49

EBA ITS on MREL reporting published

Press release MREL Reporting 20.5.2021 15.13

FFSA briefing of 12 May 2021

Event Press release 12.5.2021 13.32

EBA consultation: Expectations for resolvability of institutions

Press release Bank resolution 19.3.2021 11.07

Welcome to the FFSA’s revamped website

News Authority 11.12.2020 13.16

FFSA briefing of 8 December 2020

News Event 9.12.2020 8.22

Brexit and deposit guarantee

News Deposit guarantee 7.12.2020 11.50

Reform of resolution legislation proceeds

News Legislation 25.8.2020 17.13