About the Financial Stability Authority  

The Financial Stability Authority (FFSA) is an independent agency established in 2015 that acts as the national resolution and deposit guarantee authority. FFSA’s mission is to protect depositors and taxpayers from the effects and expenses of financial crises as well as prevent financial crises and promote bail-in. 

FFSA is responsible for resolution-related matters concerning credit institutions, investment firms and the central securities depository. FFSA’s key duties include drafting and maintaining resolution plans for institutions, deciding whether a failing institution is placed under resolution and applying the necessary resolution tools to an institution under resolution.  

FFSA is also responsible for the deposit guarantee system. In that area, the authority handles the tasks assigned to the deposit guarantee system and manages Finland’s national deposit guarantee fund. Deposit guarantee protects depositors’ assets in the event that a bank becomes permanently insolvent. In compensation events, FFSA pays deposit guarantee compensation to the bank’s depositors out of the Deposit Guarantee Fund. 

FFSA is part of the European cooperation network comprised of resolution and deposit guarantee authorities. In resolution-related matters, FFSA’s parent organisation is the Single Resolution Board (SRB) based in Brussels. FFSA works in close cooperation with the other authorities responsible for financial stability in Finland – particularly the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Bank of Finland and the Ministry of Finance.