Who do the reporting requirements apply to?

The reporting requirements apply to Finnish credit institutions and the main branches of credit institutions of EEC countries operating in Finland.

The Financial Stability Authority and the institutions with an obligation to file reports will work closely together to improve the reporting process and ensure that institutions are always in a position to provide reports.

What needs to be reported?

Institutions will need to provide the Financial Stability Authority with all the necessary details related to the deployment of the backup account system and its operation. The information must be up to date and comply with the Authority’s reporting instructions.

An institution with a reporting obligation must provide details on depositors and deposit accounts, payment cards and cardholders and other vital information related to the provision of payment services. The same reporting requirements apply to the information on depositors and accounts as with reports on deposit guarantees.

In matters related to payment card data collection, the experts responsible for official reports at the various institutions may use the email address maksukortit(at)rvv.fi. For depositors and accounts it is talletussuoja(at)rvv.fi.