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The Financial Stability Authority’s first sustainability report is published

Publication date 20.5.2022 9.35 | Published in English on 24.5.2022 at 12.54
Press release

In many ways, sustainability is linked to the Authority’s core functions. We are a responsible operator that promotes the stability of the financial market and confidence in that market and the banking sector. We endeavour to make public administration more effective through a continuous assessment of, and improvement to, the viability of the deposit guarantee system and resolution framework.

In spring 2021 the Authority selected the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that were relevant to the work of the resolution and deposit guarantee authority. In early 2022 it identified the progress that had been made in 2021 to achieve the sustainability goals chosen, and the first sustainability report was produced for the Authority accordingly. The Agency’s Director General approved the report in April 2022.

The sustainability report 2022 can be read on the Authority’s website.

More information: Chief Economist Hanna Westman firstname.surname(at)

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