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EBA ITS on MREL reporting published

Publication date 20.5.2021 15.13 | Published in English on 7.6.2021 at 16.30
Press release

The final implementing technical standards (ITS) of the European Banking Authority (EBA) concerning the requirement of disclosure of the MREL and TLAC requirements and related reporting to the authorities were published on 12 May 2021. The Commission Implementing Regulation concerning this EU-level supervisory reporting is found at the end of this announcement.  

The reporting requirement enters into force as from 30 June 2021, and the deadline for the submission of the data to the Financial Stability Authority (FFSA) is 30 September 2021. The data do not need to be submitted separately to the FFSA. The reporting requirement concerns banks with a resolution strategy in Finland. 

The FFSA will inform LSIs with a resolution strategy by bank-specific information requests concerning the reporting requirement as soon as possible. 

The EU-level data collection applies technical specifications, data collection templates and other instructions prepared by the EBA. The reporting requirement is included in the EBA’s reporting framework version 3.0, and it is an XBRL data collection. As part of European cooperation among authorities, the FFSA will forward the data collected by it to EU authorities (EBA and SRB) as well as the Financial Supervisory Authority. 

Implementing Technical Regulation of the EU Commission

EBA reporting framework, version 3.0

For further information on the data collection, please contact: tiedonkeruu(at)

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