Planning and monitoring documents  

The Financial Stability Authority operates in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Finance and carries out annual performance agreement negotiations with the Ministry. The planning and monitoring information related to the Authority’s performance management is provided in the documents below. 

The performance management documents are divided into plans and monitoring information. The key plans in the State’s performance management include performance agreements and the budget confirmed by the Parliament.  

The key monitoring information includes the financial statements and particularly the related annual report as well as the Ministry of Finance’s statement on the financial statements and annual report. Separate financial statements are always drawn up for the Financial Stability Authority and the Financial Stability Fund, which is administered by the Authority and is external to the State budget.  

Performance management documents 


The performance agreement between the Financial Stability Authority and the Ministry of Finance 

The performance agreement is an agreement between the Financial Stability Authority and the Ministry of Finance regarding the operational objectives for the new year within the framework of its budgetary allowances.

Monitoring information 

Financial statements 

The financial statements consist of the annual report, financial statement calculations and notes to the financial statements. 

The Financial Stability Authority’s financial statements 

The Financial Stability Fund’s financial statements

The Ministry of Finance’s statements on the Financial Stability Authority’s financial statements

 Other planning and monitoring documents 

Evaluations and reports