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Welcome to the FFSA’s revamped website

Publication date 11.12.2020 13.16 | Published in English on 16.12.2020 at 13.12
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The Financial Stability Authority’s new website has been published. The site now caters better to the information needs of various target groups. At the same time, the FFSA’s visual look was also reformed, and the accessibility of the website was ensured.

The target of the reform is to improve the accessibility of the pages, facilitate navigation on the site, provide new, up-to-date information on the Financial Stability Authority to different target groups and provide a smoother user experience also on mobile platforms. 

The overall reform of the website launched in summer 2020 is part of the Authority’s determined, confidence-inspiring communications. The reform initiative was one of the focus areas in the development of communications during the past year. 

Right balance of old and new 

Major efforts have been made to update and complement the content of the website. In designing the structure of the website, existing visitor data was utilised, a key word study was made to support search engine optimisation, and there was a website survey aimed at stakeholders.

Based on user feedback and monitoring, several familiar content blocks were kept: Bank resolution, Deposit guarantee scheme, About us and News. This will help navigating the website going forward. Finding different topics and individual themes from the news flow becomes easier, thanks to the hashtags adopted in connection with the reform. 

The FFSA’s key themes concerning deposit guarantee and bank resolution will now be found directly on the landing page as logical topic areas that are updated separately. The reformed structure of the landing page also enables more efficient communications in any crisis situations.

A key part of the reform was to ensure the accessibility of the website in accordance with the new Act on Digital Services. To improve accessibility, in reforming the FFSA’s visual look, special attention was paid for example on the distinctiveness of characters and colours on the website and on the structure of the contents. An accessibility statement required by the law was drawn up on the website. 

Development continues

The content of the website will be complemented and developed on a continuous basis by our experts. The website was released on 17 December 2020, and the reform will proceed with the addition of links, images and translations. Website content analytics will continue to be monitored, and actions will be taken on user feedback as necessary. 

Further information: 

FFSA Director General Tuija Taos (firstname.lastname(at)

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