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Tuija Taos to continue as FFSA Director General

Publication date 6.2.2020 13.48 | Published in English on 23.9.2020 at 13.27
Press release

On 6 February, the Finnish Government has appointed Tuija Taos, Master of Laws, as Director General of the Financial Stability Authority (FFSA) for the next five-year tenure starting on 1 May 2020. Ms Taos has acted as Director General of the Authority since 2015.
“I am very happy to continue my work with the outstanding FFSA team in developing the activity of the Authority, which already has a good momentum. There must be capability to manage a crisis facing any Finnish bank in a credible and cost-effective manner while minimising the cost on taxpayers and protecting the depositors. In the management of the Authority, I will continue to support an efficient organisational culture where we work together and seek cooperation with banks and other stakeholders, engage in dialogue and utilise the expertise within our networks”, Taos states.
The Director General is responsible for the management of the Financial Stability Authority and for the achievement of its objectives as well as the development of its activities and their productivity. The Financial Stability Authority is a government agency belonging to the administrative area of the Ministry of Finance. It acts as the national resolution authority and deposit guarantee authority in order to ensure the stability of the financial markets.

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