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Financial Stability Authority to collect EUR 270 million in ex-ante contributions from credit institutions

Publication date 30.4.2021 10.35
Press release

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) has calculated the amounts of ex-ante contributions for the year 2021. The total ex-ante contributions to be collected from all 3,018 obliged institutions in the euro area amount to approximately EUR 10.4 billion. After this year some EUR 52 billion has been collected into the fund. The target level of the SRF is assessed to be approximately EUR 73-78 billion at the end of the transition period in 2023.

The Finnish Financial Stability Authority (FFSA) has submitted the SRB’s decisions on ex-ante contributions to the Finnish credit institutions and, by decisions made by it on 28 April, ordered the contributions payable by the end of May.

This year, the FFSA collects a total of EUR 270 million from Finnish institutions to the Single Resolution Fund (SRF). The contributions payable by Finnish institutions represent an average growth of 15% from the previous year. In 2020, the FFSA collected a total of approximately EUR 235 million in ex-ante contributions from the Finnish credit institutions.

In accordance with the SRM Regulation, the target level of the SRF at the end of 2023 is at least 1% of the amount of covered deposits of credit institutions authorised in all participating Member States. The growth in covered deposits accelerated in the year 2020. The SRB has assessed that the growth will continue during the coming years. To ensure that the target level is achieved within the prescribed time, the SRB has decided to apply a level of 1.35% of covered deposits in the calculation of the contributions for the year 2021. The coefficient used in the determination of the target level is higher than last year (1.25%), which is part of the reason for the higher total amount of ex-ante contributions and institution specific fees.

Changes in the institution specific indicators describing the risk exposure also results in changes in the amount of ex-ante contributions. The number of credit institutions operating in the Finnish banking sector is relatively small. Therefore, a change in an individual credit institution's indicator affects the ex-ante contribution of the institution concerned, but it may also have a major impact on the relative risk exposure of other credit institutions operating in Finland. Therefore, the ex-ante contributions imposed on some credit institutions decreased slightly, whereas for some they increased significantly.

The SRB has published information on the ex-ante contributions for 2021 (based on decisions made on 14.4.2021) on its website. In addition to the fact sheet, there is on the website a statistical part including information on the country specific data points used in the calculation of the ex-ante contributions.

National ex-ante contributions from investment firms in 2021

In addition to the ex-ante contributions, the FFSA also collects national contributions to the national resolution fund of approximately EUR 23 000 from certain investment firms. The target level for the national resolution fund to be achieved by 2024 is approximately EUR 174 000.

For further information, please contact Resolution Expert Kristiina Tuomikoski (vakausmaksut(at)

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