Banks within the scope of the deposit guarantee

The functioning and scope of deposit guarantee schemes is harmonised by EU regulations, and there is also a lot of cross-border cooperation on deposit guarantee issues between the relevant authorities and deposit guarantee schemes to harmonise their operations. The deposits of each deposit bank are within the scope of the deposit guarantee scheme of its home country.

More information on the responsibilities of the deposit guarantee schemes of different countries

All Finnish deposit banks are within the scope of the Finnish deposit guarantee scheme, which is maintained by the Financial Stability Authority (FFSA). From the perspective of deposit guarantees, the OP Group, the POP Bank Group and the Savings Banks Group are each considered to be one bank. This is due to the fact that the banks belonging to these groups are fully or partially liable for each other’s commitments and obligations within the group. 

The FFSA maintains a list of deposit guarantees concerning banks that operate in Finland. Refer to the list to find out which public authority is responsible for the deposit guarantees concerning your bank. 

Can’t find your bank on the list? Please contact the FFSA by e-mail. 

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