SRB and EBA policy statements 

Guidelines and policy statements issued by the Single Resolution Board (SRB) and the European Banking Authority are listed below by category.  

SRB and EBA policy statements concerning MREL 

SRB has defined the eligibility of financial instruments issued under UK law (UK law instruments) for MREL if they do not include a contractual bail-in recognition clause.

The SRB has published checklists and forms that provide assurance on MREL instrument eligibility and that must be signed by the bank’s senior management. 

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) publishes on its website its MREL dashboard (Minimum Requirements for Own Funds and Eligible Liabilities), which is designed to present an overview of the MREL situation in the banks within its competence and of the costs and availability of borrowing. The MREL dashboard is based on the data provided to the SRB by the banks and is published quarterly.

SRB MREL policy under the banking package (2020)

COVID-19 crisis: the SRB's approach to MREL targets


EBA issues first monitoring report on TLAC-MREL instruments accompanied by 15 recommendations

EBA shows banks’ progress in planning for failure but encourages them to issue eligible debt instruments

EBA updates its quantitative analysis on MREL

SRB and EBA policy statements concerning resolution planning  

SRB Policies

Recovery, resolution and DGS

SRB and EBA policy statements concerning the management of resolution situations  

SRB guidance documents for the bail-in operationalisation

SRB and EBA policy statements concerning deposit guarantee schemes 

Recovery, resolution and DGS 

Other SRB and EBA policy statements 

SRB: Banking Union resolution and access to FMIs

EBA and ESMA: institutions and authorities must consider retail holders of debt financial instruments in resolutions

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