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If you have questions regarding the deposit guarantee scheme, the Deposit Guarantee Fund or a compensation event, you can contact the Financial Stability Authority either using the electronic contact form below, or by telephone, email or the Messages. The use of the Messages is secure because all messages and their attachments are transferred in encrypted form via route that is information secure. The user is identified with strong identification.  

The Financial Stability Authority is unable to answer questions concerning individual deposits. In such cases, you should contact your own deposit bank.

Contact information 

Tel: 0295 253 530
Mon-Fri 9-11 am

Email: talletussuoja(at) Messages

Contact form

Please note that the e-mail connection and the contact form are both unencrypted and not secure, and the Authority cannot guarantee that the messages or replies remain confidential.

You should only use them to request general information.

Never send confidential information (e.g. account number or personal identity code) to the Authority through e-mail or using the contact form.

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