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Memorandum of the Financial Stability Authority on principles of application of MREL regulations

Publication date 27.12.2016 13.59 | Published in English on 23.9.2020 at 14.13
Press release

The Financial Stability Authority (RVV) has published a memorandum on the principles observed in the application of regulations regarding the minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities (MREL). The memorandum describes the procedure of setting MREL for institutions under the RVV’s direct responsibility (so-called LSIs) and factors affecting the procedure for determining MREL and its level. In addition, the memorandum covers relevant interpretations made to date on questions arising within the context of the RVV’s work and in EU bodies (particularly the EBA and the SRB).

The statements by the RVV presented in the memorandum are based on current legislation and they do not account for the proposals published by the Commission in November to reform banking regulation. The RVV will update the memorandum when interpretations on the calculation of MREL or the content of the reformed EU legislation are specified.

For further information, please contact:
Bank Resolution Expert Aleksi Vänttinen (+358 295 253 525), and
Senior Bank Resolution Expert Reima Letto (+358 295 253 524)