Deposit guarantee covers funds on a depositor's deposit account rapidly in the event of default by a deposit bank. If a deposit bank has been declared bankrupt or the bank is in permanent default, the deposits will be repaid by a deposit guarantee compensation as a credit transfer to the depositors from the Deposit Guarantee Fund.


Deposit guarantee is an automatic deposit-protection scheme maintained in Finland by an authority (the Financial Stability Authority). The statutory deposit guarantee covers deposits at Finnish banks. 


See Chart: This is how deposit protection works in Finland 


Deposit guarantee schemes have been harmonised in key respects across the EU member states. Deposit guarantee is regulated by the EU Deposit Guarantee Directive, which was implemented as part of domestic legislation by the Act on the Financial Stability Authority


On these pages you will find information on what the deposit guarantee scheme is, what it covers, how it works and how a depositor should act in a compensation event.