The Financial Stability Authority is a leader-driven agency where decisions are taken by the Director General. The Director General is appointed by the Government for a five-year term. If the Director General is prevented from attending to the required duties, these devolve to a deputy appointed by the Ministry of Finance.

The Financial Stability Authority’s current Director General is Tuija Taos, LLM.

The activities of the Authority are guided by its rules of procedure, confirmed by the Director General. The activities are divided into three areas: resolution, the deposit guarantee scheme and information systems as well as management support and funds administration.

The Financial Stability Authority has an Advisory Board consisting of representatives appointed by the Authority, the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority. The task of the Advisory Board is to secure cooperation and communication between the above-mentioned authorities in matters falling within the competence of the Authority.

The Financial Stability Fund, managed by the Authority, has a Board that decides on the risk management, investment planning and principles of the Fund and directs investment of the assets. The Ministry of Finance appoints the Board for three years at a time.


The activities of the Financial Stability Authority are funded by administrative fees collected from credit institutions, Finnish branches of EEA and non-EEA credit institutions and investment firms falling within the scope of the legislation. In 2016, no administrative fees were collected, see the related press release.

For 2017–2018, IT system investment and staff expenses designed to improve the operational reliability and quality of the Authority’s activities constitute a significant part in the Authority’s budget.

Administrative fees are governed by the Act on the Financial Stability Authority’s administrative fees, 19.12.2014/1997. The basis for the fee changed in response to a legislative amendment that entered into force on 1 January 2017 (Act on amending the Act on the Financial Stability Authority’s administrative fees, 1175/2016).